Editorial Assignments

Editorial Assignments

 My writing has appeared in digital editions of Glamour UK (where I was Fashion & Features Editor), Teen Vogue, Quartz, InStyle, Women’s Health, British Sky Broadcasting, WWD’s Footwear News (where I was Managing Editor), The Debrief & more.

Lady Gaga Oscars 2019


Why Do We Want Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper to Be in Love So Badly? Reminder: he’s in a relationship already.



Why living in London was good for my wallet. An inside look at living in a social democracy vs. capitalist society.


Women’s Health

Millions of women have successfully completed the Whole30. This is what it's really like

Teen Vogue

A revealing look into disorder.

Glamour UK

As Fashion & Features Editor, I assigned, edited & wrote stories on Fashion, Lifestyle, Health, Fitness, Beauty & the British Royal family. After returning to the US in 2014, I continued on as a columnist from abroad.

InStyle US, UK

Several features covering politics & women’s health. A New Yorker tells all 24 hours after the 2016 presidential election, and everything you need to know about intimacy after baby.